New Product!! Tacoma Screw Chain and Cable Lubricant is available now!

The new product is now available in online and in all of our branch locations! It retails for 12.95/per 16 oz can. 660-122

• Moly containing lubricant that protects parts exposed to harmful or corrosive elements
• Forms protective rust barrier
• Penetrates and lubricates
• Thick foam clings to vertical surfaces
• As foam breaks, product penetrates into wire rope, link, and roller mechanisms
• Recommended for use in severe climatic conditions
• Provides resistance to wear
• Extreme pressure capability
• Will not break down under high temperatures

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Have a question? Ask us via Live Chat!

Tacoma Screw Products is now offering live chat across our website! Get instant access to the Tacoma Screw insides sales team. This service was launched today and will give customers instant access to our knowledgeable sales team. This is real time and not automated you will chat with an actual Tacoma Screw inside sales team member. The service will allow customers and team member to chat, send images and documents. The experience will add to the already exceptional customer service Tacoma Screw Products is know for!

New “Clearance” Section added to Website

We have added a new section to the website that allows customers to view our discontinued items and purchase them for a discounted price. All items are discontinued and are available while inventory lasts! Check back often as items are added daily!

Check out the “Clearance Section” here

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Erosion Control Season is upon the Northwest

October is here and so is the rain. With the rain brings a significant need for erosion control on a variety construction projects. It is import to make sure that open dirt is covered with some type of ground cover such as plastic sheeting, tarps or a natural barrier such as hay or straw to reduce the sediment wash-away and run-off. Once the cover is in place the next step is to divert the water to an appropriate catch basin area. One of the most popular ways to do this is through poly filled sandbags. Sandbags make an effective barrier and water divert due to their pliability and ability to form to the ground. Another option is to use pea gravel filled bags that allow water to flow through gravel at a slow rate and catch sediment. Which ever way you choose to control soil erosion Tacoma Screw has all the essential items that are needed. Sandbags, Gravel Bags, Stakes, Plastic Sheeting, and much more.